Could wedding parties be classified as an investment?

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  • Solape 1 year ago

    I was just wondering if weddings could count as an investment. Who else went to Banky & Susu's wedding on Social media? With the roll call of the attendees, the A-listers and celebs on Naija's social scene, those newly weds would have made way more than they spent on the wedding o all from the thick envelopes and fat cheques from well-wisher. Talk about quick ROI. LOL

  • Orente 1 year ago

    @Solape, i attended the wedding ooo(ofcos through my instagram page) and trust me, I thought of this same thing. The rate at which people went all out for that wedding, this our celebrities have no chill at all. You cant imagine how much the couple made from aso-ebi alone, especially from the 'yoruba angels that represented well with their sharp agbada (uncle Ebuka) to the ladies that jejely bought 1/2 yard of aso 

    Bubu and Susu didn't only make money from the thick envelopes and fat cheques o. Did you see how their friends kept spraying them hard currency note? One has to be strategic about this wedding thing sef. Just saw a video on instagram by a recently married couple counting the amount of money they got from the dance floor. My eyes saw enough dollar notes to last me for a century, not to mention the thousands of naira. The Nigerian wedding is now the new investment but you can make very high returns only when you have correct people in your network.

    Now is the best time for me to purge my network oo, I must make high returns!


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