Limits Required

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  • Olayisade 1 year ago

    The MeriGame initiative is a fantastic and welcome initiative. I am personally excited about it. In the process of placing my orders, I realized that it does not have Limits on its Price Type. (I reckon that orders are therefore executed at market). It will be really nice to introduce Limits.

    Order Terms will also be a nice to have. However, I will priortize limits over this.

    Thanks in anticipation of this suggestion as a further enhancement.

  • Administrator 1 year ago

    Dear Sir,

    The reason we do not have limit trading on this platform is that, on the Real exchange, there are traders on the other side of your transaction that pick you trades set as 'limit', as this is a game, there are no traders on the other side.

    Hence why the trades are jobbed at Market price.

  • Nnoz Sommy 1 year ago

    So I have placed a limit order and I want out. How do I cancel this trade so I can free up some cash.

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