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    Market Updates:
    NSEMERIVAL 0 (9.8)

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    NSEINDUSTR 0 (1.59)

    Market Updates:
    BUACEMENT 70.75 (-7.15)

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    UACN 10.3 (0)

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    FBNH 7.2 (-0.15)

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Total Portfolio Valuation Ranking
# User Total Portfolio Value
1 Akinde Babalola ₦3,191,649.74
2 onyemaechi bosah ₦3,104,330.37
3 Daniel Obasola ₦3,026,648.32
4 Ajiboye Ayodeji ₦2,973,975.50
5 Success Ogar ₦2,673,888.29
6 Uzoaga Victor ₦2,351,488.60
7 Titilayo Idris ₦2,113,719.45
8 Igb Chiaka ₦2,060,090.00
9 Chukwuemeka Nwagwu ₦2,052,951.76
10 Janus SnowGore ₦1,948,603.77
Referral Ranking
# User Referral Earnings
1 Odunsi Babatunde ₦50,000.00
2 Abayomi Abayomi ₦35,000.00
3 Amadou ₦25,000.00
4 Ekezie ₦20,000.00
5 Hassan Abdul Mohammed ₦20,000.00
7 Abass Ayo ₦15,000.00
8 Friday Phryo ₦15,000.00
9 Kehinde Badmus ₦10,000.00
10 Afolabi Ayomide ₦10,000.00

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About MeriGame

We know stock trading by yourself can be scary and doubt-ridden. MeriGame is here to demystify the process while setting you up to trade real-time confidently.

Our platform is the exact replica of the stocks traded on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Practice how to buy stocks under real market conditions without burning a finger or finance. Become a pro at self-trading and migrate into real market at MeriTrade for a successful financial future.

We are Meristem

We are guided by the belief that our success depends entirely on the extent to which our customers’ objectives are met, we put ourselves in the place of our customers and serve them like we will serve ourselves. Hence our commitment to delivering our services professionally, with integrity and transparency and in accordance with the rules and regulations set by our regulators.

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